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dental implant, marbella, rehabilitation oral,At Clínica Dr. Campos we are experts in aesthetics. Yes, we are also experts in the aesthetics of your smile. This is one of the reasons why patients with missing teeth come to us- aesthetics. But this is not the only reason or the most important reason. However, it is what the patient and the people that surround them see and wants to correct, even if they have no discomfort. Of course, dental implants are the best solution to replace these missing teeth and provide the patient with that perfect and dazzling smile you are looking for.

Now, let’s talk about the “invisible” consequences of tooth loss and the importance of finding a solution as soon as possible. Here we will talk about nothing more and nothing less than health and quality of life. And we care about your health.

Missing teeth affect important daily activities in the short and long term. Problems with pronunciation and chewing are very common. The latter requires an extra effort in the function of the digestive system since food is not chewed properly. Among many other consequences, the most important problem could be the wearing of the gums and the loss of maxillary bone. Without forgetting that the teeth adjoining the empty space tend to move, modifying the bone structure and occlusion, generating new spaces between the teeth and causing greater risk of decay in teeth that are healthy.

In the long term the lack of teeth (one or several) can lead to a deformation of the facial features and cause sagging in the labial area, wrinkles, etc. Many of our aesthetic treatments are directly related to the quality of oral health of our patients. Thanks to the comprehensive care of our clinic, we can offer our patients complete and long-term solutions, generally with significant savings, since we treat the origin of the problem and not only its aesthetic consequence.

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What can you do to prevent tooth loss?

First of all, we must follow the correct dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene causes the deterioration of the gums and reduces their ability to grip. Dental decay as a result of poor hygiene weakens the teeth and if not treated in time, can reach the nerve and the root and cause the loss of the tooth. These are the most important reasons to perform periodic check-ups with your trusted dentist for preventive purposes.

Signing up to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet is another key to good dental health. Tobacco, alcohol, digestive disorders, abuse of some beverages and foods contribute to the appearance of gum diseases and oral cancer.

Which is better, a dental implant or a bridge?

Apparently, both solutions cover the same need – to replace the missing tooth. Thus patients recover functionality and aesthetic appearance. But deep down there is a difference. As in many other comparisons, you can not give a single answer and qualify the same solution as the best option for everyone. However, in this comparison it is very common for the balance to tilt towards dental implants. What are the advantage of this option?:

• Firstly, it is important to point out that an implant not only replaces the external part of the tooth, but also replaces the root, avoiding the displacement of other teeth and the deterioration of the maxillary bone. Therefore, the dental implant can be qualified as a long-term option and with greater stability.

• The dental implant and crown does not usually depend on adjacent teeth, unlike dental bridges. In the case of bridges, it is usually necessary to file healthy teeth so that it can be attached to them. There is a difference in stability, since with dental bridges it will directly depend on the teeth on which it is placed

• From the aesthetic point of view, dental implants present a series of advantages, since they offer a more natural appearance.

Do you need any more reasons to get a consultation?

As we have indicated above, in dentistry you cannot generalize. What is clear is that dental health is the basis of your general health and beauty. Our specialists, qualified dentists with great professional experience in all types of cases, will be happy to review your case and give you the diagnosis with the treatment plans that best suit your needs. And our auxiliary team will be responsible for helping you with: payment facilities, continuous monitoring, planning appointments with specialists, answering questions and queries.

And if you decide to perform the treatment during this summer, you will enjoy a 20% discount on dental implant treatments. Because your health matters to us!

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