Starting an orthodontic treatment for yourself or for any of your children is an important decision. Whatever the type of orthodontics, it implies a commitment on the part of the patient and a disbursement.

In this article we will help you acknowledge the most important details of orthodontic treatments and what should be taken into account to make the decision. Because remember, it is not just a matter of aesthetics of your smile, it is your health and it is important to take your time to choose the best treatment, the best dental clinic and the best orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics professional for the result to be successful.

If you think you may need a teeth alignment or bite correction treatment, the first thing you have to do is find a professional specialized in Orthodontics and an accredited Dental Clinic.

gisela quirch clinica dr campos marbella
Dra Gisela Quirch Todesco – especialista en Ortodoncia en Clínica Dr. Campos


In Spain a general dentist can perform any type of treatment. However, oral health covers many aspects and it is very difficult for a professional to carry out all procedures with the same success. As in the rest of the medical fields, a specialization allows a dentist to concentrate more on his training and his professional practice. This directly influences the result of the treatments performed.

With this philosophy, at Dr Campos Dental Clinic we have specialized professionals in each area of ​​dentistry.

In particular, Dr. Gisela Quirch Todesco is a specialist in Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics and is dedicated exclusively to this type of treatment for our patients starting from an early age, adolescents and adults. Gisela graduated in Dentistry at the Faculty of Oviedo and, subsequently, made a postgraduate degree in Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics at the Association of Dentistry of Argentina. At the same time she completed a Master in Orthodontic technique at the DATO Clinic and later a Master in Orthodontics in Lingual Technique. With the desire for constant professional growth and the possibility of offering her patients all the options and the latest technological advances, in 2011 she made the two-year Master of INVISALIGN (first world brand of invisible aligners) and expanded it with the second Intensive Master in 2014.


Many of us are regular drivers but very few are like “Fernando Alonso”. Experience is the most important element to improve and improve professional practice

This is noticed from the moment of initial diagnosis – key moment for the start of any treatment, since all subsequent development depends on it.

Experience allows you to correctly plan each orthodontic treatment, making the most of it to achieve the maximum result. This stands out especially in the case of invisible aligner treatments, since it allows you to optimize the treatment from day one – many professionals have access to the spectacular tools offered by this technology, but the specialist’s knowledge and experience will depend on what you get with these tools.

If you want to know the level of experience of our professionals, you only have to request at our Dental Clinic a demonstration of the before and after results made by each of them.


The world of dentistry has also evolved in gigantic steps and orthodontics has changed a lot. Well-known metal brackets have no longer been the only solution (both aesthetically and functionally).

It is important to select a dental clinic that offers all types of orthodontics to ensure that the treatment is the most appropriate and best suited to the needs of each patient.

Remember that for some treatments it is necessary that professionals have a specific accreditation, such as Invisalign invisible aligners. This type of orthodontics is gaining more and more prominence among our patients, especially adult patients, since it is practically invisible and offers many comforts in the daily life of the patient unlike classical orthodontic appliances. The possibility of removing the aligner (a thin transparent splint) at the time of eating or brushing your teeth, allows you to guarantee the best hygiene and continue enjoying all the pleasures of the variety of foods.

Another alternative to metal brackets are Sapphire braces or aesthetic brackets. Many patients opt for the placement of white or transparent brackets so that the device is as discreet as possible. And in the case of teenagers, we have a wide range of colored aesthetic brackets, which today is very fashionable and makes treatment more bearable for all our younger patients

Another option is 100% invisible orthodontics, also known as lingual braces.

Remember to consult the orthodontic specialist which of these options is best for you or your child. Because it is not just economic or aesthetic issue. There are cases where a type of orthodontics offers a better solution compared to other alternatives.

alineadores invisibles, ortodoncia invisible, ortodoncia estética, invisalign
Software ClinCheck de INVISALIGN


The orthodontic treatment improves both the aesthetics of a smile and the dental health of a patient. And when it comes to health, the quality of the professionals who participate and the materials that are applied is of utmost importance. Health should not be played with

Safety is not the only reason we have to choose recognised brands and opt for the dental clinic that incorporates the latest technological advances. Companies that invest in R + D + I go further in the development of their products and seek better results from the treatments they offer, for example, The Invisalign Clincheck tool. It is a Software for the orthodontic treatment that allows you to plan the entire treatment from the beginning. With this the patient can see the final result even before starting. And the professional can know the patient’s condition at all times, because Clincheck allows to predict and customise the treatment more than any other type of orthodontics.

Knowing how the software works and having the experience and skills of its management gives added value to the specialty of our Orthodontist Dr. Gisela Quirch. As a great architect, she builds the new smile of our patients taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the program and going beyond the initial design of each treatment plan.


Orthodontic treatment is one of the most durable treatments in dentistry. The average duration can be around one year, which requires a commitment from the dental clinic and from the same patient.

It is very important to choose the right time to, surely, be able to respect the care and hygiene guidelines, to be able to attend all appointments and controls.

On the other hand, pay attention to the selection of the dental clinic in which the orthodontist is the specialist established with a long professional career and who will be the professional who guarantees to take your case from the beginning to the end.

In Dr. Campos Clinic we are committed to collaborate with the most recognised specialists in their field and with proven experience, at a national level, Dr. Gisela Quirch is an active part of management at our Dental Unit, and being a member of the corporate and management council guaranteeing  the maximum commitment with our patients.



Once all these points are valued, we assure you that you have all the necessary information to be able to make a correct decision.

In Dr Campos Clinic we are at your disposal to carry out a complete study of your case (or that of your children), answer all your questions, develop together the plan of your orthodontic treatment, study multiple financing possibilities (both internal and external).

For more information or to request an appointment, call 952 821 811 or send us a WhatsApp at 670 032 191.

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