Biostimulation is based on rejuvinating the skin tissue via the stimulation of fibroblasts increasing the production of factors of plaquetary.

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BIOESTIMULACIÓNFibroblasts are present in the conjuctive tissue and are responsible for the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid among others. They also stimulate certain enzymes which help in cell antioxidization having an antioxidant effect.

Regeneration of Plasma rich in growth factors is complementary to other facial aging treatments. This treatment is complementary to other rejuventing processes such as Botox, fillers, laser light treatment, radiofrequency etc and can give excellent results, recuperating the luminosity lost over time.

The protocol involved in this treatment will depend on each individual case depending on the grade of aging each person presents. More sessions will be necessary in smokers, sleep deprived people and those who have had excessive exposure to the sun.

In the medical field, this treatment is recommended and available to patients of all ages.