Cavitation – Ultrasound

With this technology, a treatment that applies the latest generation of ultrasound, it is now possible to eliminate those unsightly love handles, without going under the knife.

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CAVITACIÓNCavitation is the generation of microbubbles vacuum within the tissue with the application of ultrasound (lipocavitación). These microbubbles, to expand, rupture or implode in turn breaking the membrane of the adipocyte (fat cell) and releasing accumulated triglycerides. Thus, triglycerides go into the bloodstream and the body through physiological mechanisms, it deletes without any impact. This therapy is combined with mechanical pressure therapy (massage), drainage manual and other equipment.

The accumulation of fat on legs, abdomen, arms and hips to slim silhouette rob and ruin the possibility of wearing a nice figure. So far, the quickest way to end these adiposity was the liposuction procedure, a surgical technique that involves the aspiration of fat through nozzles, and also the hospital requires a certain period of convalescence until the patient reincorporate to their normal lives.