Corporal Peeling

Peeling is one of the most effective skin treatments and can be used prior to others, such as hydration . It consists of the exfoliation of the outer layer removing dead cells and dry sweat which deprive the skin of oxygen.

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PEELING CORPORALAmong body treatment peeling or exfoliation is known as one of the most important for keeping skin young and firm.

Peeling is for purifying and oxygenating the skin in preparation for other treatments such as hydration, anti-cellulite or firming.

The dead cells are removed using superficial desquamation. Thus the skin will be more receptive to active principles and the treatments will be more effective.

Skin is renewed every 28 days but pollution, continuous use of creams and make-up as well as sweat slow down the process and the pores became blocked. Thus the importance of a good exfoliation if we want the skin to maintain its radiant aspect for the longest time. Thanks to peeling, apart from it´s aesthetic purpose, the skin maintains it´s hydration and avoids blemishes produced by the passage of time and sunlight.

There are many products for body peeling, mainly creams or gels containing a solid agent which sweeps away impurities. These are applied using friction.

Afterwards the product is removed normally with warm water or a sponge and the skin gets a uniform tone ready for treatment. An example would be sun bathing and using sun creams. The skin has to be exfolliated previously so that the active ingredients can penetrate more effectively. In this way the skin will appear more uniform and beautiful. Otherwise some areas will appear darker than others.

In the case of sensitive skin we must use less invasive products, lightly applying them by massage. Here we use oils with small particles of vegetable origin which respect the dermis. Examples of suitable products for peeling sensitive skin are Oil of Monoï, pink clay and polyethylene spheres. This oil is very appreciated in cosmetics in the treatment of dehydrated and sensitive skin after exposure to the elements of wind and sun.