Hyperhydrosis is excessive sweating due to overactive sweat glands. People suffering from this sweat without warning from arm pits, palms, face and sole of the feet. Excessive sweating affects the patient on both a physical and emotional level.

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Injections of Botox

The injection of Botox has proven effective in the treatment of Hyperhydrosis. The effects of Botox are noticable after 2 or 3 days and the symprons disappear after 1 week. However as this is a temporary solution which lasts around 4 months.
For optimum results we recommend that this process be repeated 3 times a year.

After repeated treatment with Botox, patients notice a huge reduction in sweating over time. Botox is administered via small injections in the affected area into the over stimulated nerve endings which cause excessive sweating.
To be able to specify the problem area we do the Lugo Test. This consists in painting the affected area with iodine solution and then covering with talcum powder. As the patient begins to sweat, treatable area turns black. This is the area to be treated.

Other Treatment

Simpatectomy is a surgical intervention performed under general anaesthetic. To be able to perform this process, the lungs are artificially inflated to allow the nerve glands to separarate from the lining, this is called a Neumothorax. The surgeon then identifies the nerve endings causing the problem and makes a small incision in the armpit finding the T glands. This process takes approximately 1 hour.

The advantage of using Botox is that the patients daily routine is not affected in any way.