Ozonotherapy is a technique, enabling the delayed development of a great number of health disorders. It returns to the body its natural capacity of reactions and self-regulation.

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Ozone is one of the forms in which the oxygen element exists in the atmosphere. It is called “active oxygen“, because of its very strong oxidizing power. It is a triatomic molecule, existing only in trace form in the atmosphere, whereas oxygen, which one breathes, is a diatomic one, and represents 1/5th of the atmosphere. Ozone is obtained from pure oxygen by breaking up the molecular links with the help of electricity produced by a generator. It has been used for medical purposes since the beginning of 20th century. Ozone is introduced into the human body through the bloodstream by a closed and extremely reliable system. All the instruments used during each treatment, are, of course disposable.

ozonoterapiaOzone penetrates the cells and restores their original capacities which have been weakened by the building up of residues, toxins and remains of past medication treatments. Therefore it:

  •  Helps the liver to undergo a natural detoxification
  •  Destroys harmful fats
  •  Improves cellular metabolism and so brings energy to the human body
  •  Eliminates uric acid
  •  Fluidizes the blood thereby combating the consequences of poor blood circulation
  •  Regenerates the red blood cells, and thereby insuring a better transmission of oxygen and improving blood coagulation
  •  Eliminates a great number of bacteria, viruses and funguses, or prevents their multiplication
  •  Stops the development of extremely toxic substances produced during a chemotherapy by the destruction of cancerous cell