Therapeutic Massage

Come and relax with us, our massages will destress, relax and make you feel renewed.

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MASAJES TERAPEUTICOS Anti-Stress 50: A combination of Swiss techniques to ease tension and pain. A new dimension of aromatherapy and wellness.

 Manual Linfatic Massage: Stimulates blood circulation, and assists in the elimination of toxins. Also reduces the time of recuperation after an operation.

 Therapeutic Massage: This treatment is specific to problem areas of your body, which may require the aid of ultrasound and Indiba.

 Sports Massage: Ideal after work or sport, this massage eases and relaxes tired muscles.

 Neuro Massage: This massage is soft and sensitive and is principally designed for the nervous system. It is an ideal treatment which helps to combat insomnia.

 Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils which are adapted for each treatment. Ideal as a rejuvenation therapy, to energise and help combat stress. Please note these treatments are only available from our clinic in Marbella.