botox en Marbella


Endodiatermia has revolutionized the medical-aesthetic market in our country, demonstrating its virtues in health, beauty, and well being.

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ENDODIATERMIAIts work frequency is 455kHz provoking thermal contact that favors vascularization with biological effects as with cellular repolarization provoking a reaffirming, regeneration, and recuperation of tissues. The results are visible from the first session.
This magnificent equipment is very versatile and is applicable for numerous therapeutic treatments, facials and body treatments.


How does it work?

The equipment is composed by a generator and 2 electrodes that conduct alternative current which is directly applied to patient. The electrodes may be of a resistant or capacitive type, achieving stimulation from the interior of biological structures.

The capacitive action plays an active action in the soft tissues enriched with water content such as muscles, venolymphatic system…

The resistive action develops and efficient action throughout the tissues of major resistance with low content of water such as bones, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, articulations.



  •  Reaffirmation: Oval face, double chin, neck and neckline
     Treatment for under the eye bags. Dark circles and lines of expression
     Lifting effect
     Anti Pigment treatment
     Augmenting skin density