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Botulinic Toxin

Botulinic Toxin is a toxin produced by a bacteria called botulinum. Although in very large doses it can cause botulism, Botox is safe in the doses used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

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botulinic toxin

Injecting Botulinic Toxin is a minor procedure, achieved by superficial puntures with a fine needle. The botulinic toxin will dramatically improve (and often eliminate) horizontal forehead creases, scowl lines between your eyebrows, crow’s feet, and vertical wrinkles of your upper lip. Botulinic toxin is ineffective for fine wrinkles because they are not due to facial expression.

To address fine wrinkles, you should see Skin Care, Micropeels, and Blue Peels. Botulinic toxin is also ineffective for wrinkles around your mouth that are due to sagging cheeks. To address the wrinkles from sagging cheeks, you should see Facelift. The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes, but the effect will not become apparent for 48 – 72 hours. It`s very important that you do not yourself press over the injection sites or lie down for 4 hours after the injection as this will cause the botulinic toxin to disperse to unwanted areas.

It `s helpful if you try to contract your target muscles as much as possible after the treatment as this increases their uptake of botulinic toxin. It has also been used to treat eye twitches, excessive palm or armpit sweating, and headaches. In the mid 1990’s, plastic surgeons began using botulinic toxin injections to treat facial wrinkles.