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Poliacrilamida Facial Implant

With poliacrilamida you can experience great results without surgery. The results you get are not only instant. They last as well. Aquamid has clinically proven aesthetic satisfaction for years.

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shutterstock_70901050Poliacrilamida is a transparent, injectable implant containing 97.5% water bound to 2.5% cross-linked polymer. Has been especially designed and formulated for facial soft tissue correction (deep folds, wrinkles, lip augmentation, lipodystrophia and shaping of facial contour) as well as minor body contour correction (atrophic scars, post-liposuction, etc).

As your skin matures, the quantity of water gradually diminishes, resulting in the formation of wrinkles and folds. Poliacrilamida is therefore a natural solution for aesthetic corrections by adding water to the tissue, adds volume to the subcutaneous tissue, thereby restoring or augmenting facial and body contours. With poliacrilamida the obtained results are inmediate and there is no secondary filling effect, is a homogeneous hydrogel without microparticles and becomes a soft and stable part of the subcutaneous tissue. Is non-toxic, non-allergenic, migration resistant and does not degrade over time.

Poliacrilamida has to be injected subcutaneously in order to give volume to the soft tissue, when used for correction of defects due to ageing, trauma or congenital reasons. The results obtained with poliacrilamida are very natural and soft and give a high degree of aesthetic patient satisfaction. Not only are the results immediate, they are also safe and long-lasting. These results are obtained due to the balanced composition and unique tissue compliance of poliacrilamida.