Growth Factor

The growth factor of the skin is capable in increasing the thickness of the skin, returning the skins natural elasticity and firmness and therfore reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

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FACTOR DE CRECIMIENTOThe use of plasma rich in platelets is very new. In the medical field, this process has been used over the last 3 years to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.

The results are spectacular as they appear easily, regulating and remodelling the skin causing a smoother and better texture. Performing this procedure provokes the skin to regenerate cell production and the skin improves. In addition to this the skin produces glicosaminoglicanos, collagen fibres and elsticity necessary to improve the skins appearance with ageing.

  •  Increases the thickness of the skin.
  •  Recuperates the elasticity of the dermis.
  •  Improves circulation.
  •  Give the skin a tighter appearance.

Although using this treatment gives fantastic results, the cases where ozone is used is for a different matter, those who need a more radical approach to skin reproduction. This is the case in smokers or people who have aged excessively due to extreme sun exposure.

Once the patient is in the clinic an anaesthetic cream is applied and is left to take effect. Later a small amount of blood is taken to remove the platelets and to calculate the amount of platelets necessary. Once the rich plasma is obtained it is then injected back into the body via a small syringe into the selected area. Once the treatment is finished, a relaxing product is applied to the treated area and is absorbed rapidly.

All skin types benefit from this treatment, although the results are more spectacular in more damaged skin. A noticable improvement is always visible although obviously in the skin of a 35 year old is less noticable than in that of a 65 year old smoker with excessive exposure to the sun.

The younger the skin, the better the response. This treatment works from the inside not the outside. This is a natural treatment which uses the natural proteins in our skin, selected and concentrated, to repair the damage caused with passing of time or sun damage.

You will have to be patient. The effects will be noticable after time and with the stimulation of the skin. The effects are noticable after a few days and increase over time.

When ozone treated platelets are used the treatment should be repeated every 2 months to allow the skin time to regenerate. it is possible to repeat the process after 21 days but we recommend a longer period be left between treatments.

Changing certain habits, ie smoking, using sun protection and improving the diet by increasing the intake of antioxidants and fatty acids for example will help your general state of health and of course the appearance of the skin. Even if the patient is not prepared to undertake these changes, the results are still excellent.

The choice of this treatment depends on

  •  the age of the patient
  •  diagnosis of the skin
  •  lifestyle of the patient