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LED Therapy

THaving radiant skin is only a question of selecting one of our luxurious treatments. LED Therapy solves the problem that prevents skin so shine brightly plus giving the skin true pleasure with a touch of glamour and sophistication.

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Some benefits of LED Therapy:

Activator of skins regenerative system

shutterstock_221729494LED Therapy has popularized within the last year the medical aesthetics and non invasive aesthetic treatments. And this is not surprising.
Other than therapeutic benefits through the interaction of light with affected tissue, a cascade of benefits is produced such as: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, reconstructive, and anti free radicals protector. LED therapy offers all of this in synergy with the virtues of vitamins, enhancing maximum action. Treatment is athermic, pain-free and requires no recuperating time.

The principal use of LED therapy is to obtain an important improvement in each cells performance, which in the case of epidermis and dermis causes a visible anti-aging effect, regenerating the skin and reducing significantly any damage the skin might have suffered. It is mainly used as a complimentary treatment for:
  •  Anti-aging treatments
  •  Anti-acne treatments
  •  Post peeling treatments (or any other aggressive treatment done to the skin..with the purpose of reducing recuperation time 50%)
  •  Beauty treatments (illuminating, hydrating, etc.)
  •  Anti-stretch marks and scarring treatments (older scars)
  •  Surgical scar treatment (recent/ few days or weeks post surgery)

This treatment may be used immediately after Mesotherapy body treatments with the purpose of major activation of circulation and better distribution of injectable products.

Protocol of use may vary from one application just after another treatment (for example, after a cleansing facial, acne treatment, vitamin treatment, etc) and up to a series of 6-12 daily session such aggressive recovery treatment post peeling or surgical scarring.
Sessions normally last between 5 and 20 minutes. A single or combination of lights may be used (together or alternately)

Therapy should be performed on HEALTHY patients (similar of all other techniques). Patient must also show no signs of infection (inflammatory or with fever). Principal contra-indications for LED therapy are the following:

  •  Epilepsy
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Cancer or tumors
  •  Liver disease
  •  Cardio vascular disease

Although the LED technique may be applied for a specific treatment for these conditions, a determined protocol is used and should be applied by a corresponding medical professional of which for aesthetic use have definite knowledge of the contra-indications.