Lip Enhancement

Lip Augmentation will increase the fullness of your upper lip, lower lip, or both. It will not improve problems with lipstick bleed along your wrinkles.

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shutterstock_152272823Lip augmentation is an office procedure performed under local anesthesia. Augmentation materials are available in liquid form for injection or sheet form for surgical placement. If sheets of material are used, which are explained below, small incisions will be made at the corners of your mouth. The sheets of material will then be threaded through your lips to provide smooth, even augmentation.

The incisions are usually hidden inside your mouth. Available implants for lip augmentation can be classified as liquid form or sheet form. Liquid collagen injections were once the mainstay of lip augmentation, but they lost favor due to short-lived effects (they lasted no more than 6 weeks).

Collagen is explained further in the wrinkle section. Some implants for lip augmentation are in sheet form. The three options for this are Alloderm, Dermaplant, fascia, or Gore-Tex. Newer injectable options include Restylane, which has the consistency of gel and lasts 6-9 months; or Radiance, which has the consistency of toothpaste and lasts 3-5 years. Finally, your own fat can be used for lip augmentation. This has the benefit of being easily accepted by your body and of giving a permanent natural result.