Oxygen Therapy

If before having a lifting done, laser treatment or surgery, and you want to try something less drastic but at the same time better your appearance, we have a series of treatments that can help.

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O2 is the fountain of life. Oxygen stimulates blood circulation, stimulates cellular regeneration providing energy to our cells. Regrettably, age slows down our metabolism consequently having less oxygen, producing less collagen, and elasticity which are indispensible for the firmness and brightness of our skin. The end result is an epidermis that is wrinkled and pale.

The contamination, stress, and smoking are the main external factors that accelerate the process of dermal ageing.
The use of oxygen by means of a stream gives our skin new life.

Benefits and results with Oxygen Therapy:

  • shutterstock_221756389 Elimination of wrinkles and lines of expression
  •  Tonicity and firmness
  •  Stimulates collagen production
  •  Reduction of pores
  •  Microcirculation stimulation
  •  Skin moisture
  •  Luminosity
  •  Relaxing effects and anti- stress

Oxygen Therapy entails a revolution within the aesthetic world with visible results in just one session.

Come and OXYGENATE yourself!