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We are provide with a new personal image advice and training service.

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personal image

We introduce this service with the intention of improve the image of our clients, avoiding to alter any of their facial features and characteristics, keeping their style and personality. We’ll teach you how to take advantage of your facial features, and improve them as an authentic professional.

 The movie stars secret is to know perfectly their gifts and defects and know how to be able to improve those gifts and how to hide their defects as much as possible.

From making a nose more narrow, elevate the point, make your eyes smaller, bigger, make your cheeks bigger if they are small, make the contour of your face rounder or angular, give light to your face and an appearance of freshness and youth… Millions of tricks that our cosmetics  specialists will teach you in a total personal way and in harmony with the structure of your face and your kind of skin.


 How to prepare your skin before a treatment

Is not only important to know how to put correctly a make-up, is also very important to know how to prepare  your dermis before getting started. To hydrate, tense, and give luminosity to a tired face, so it looks younger and rested, and which is more important, prepare your face so the products that you are going to use don’t hurt you skin. Sometimes we think that several products are indicated for our kind of skin, maybe we are wrong and we are damaging our skin instead of helping it.

 Learn how to use make-up at a professional level

They are millions of different kinds and brands of make-up, the majority of us use products that are not the correct ones for our kind, color and texture of skin. A bad use of a make-up can over hydrate the skin and cause our skin to become oily, acne, make us age our skin and a lot more of non wanted consequences.

To know which colors, tones, and textures are the ones that make us look good and go with our personality and face structure is very important if we want to take advantage of the potential of our beauty.

 Correct shapes, measures and face lines 

How many of us thought about doing a radical surgery to make our nose more narrow, make smaller our nose bone, make our cheeks bigger, improve our eyes shape… Or even worst how to make the shape of our face a lot more narrow or resolve that our eyes are way apart from each other and lots of other problems?… Well, good news, we can help you changing all that with easy tricks that you will learn in an easy and fast way!