Removing Dark Circles

The bags under the eyes sadden the expression and give the face a tired aspect. They are charaterize by dark pigmentation sunken eyes bags.

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shutterstock_222152452The bags under the eyes are the result of an accumulation of melanin and in most of cases are acompanied by inflammation and flaccidity.

There exists several means for the removal:

  •  Peeling: consits of application of specific products chosen by the professional with the object of removing pigments (Acids). In most cases one session is enough. Is important to bear in mind that after the application there will be a scab which will last for 7 to 10 days. Thereafter a new and renewed skin will appear.
  •  Hialuronic Acid infiltrations: With the peeling the bags will dissapear but not the trench associated with the subsidence which starts at the tear duct and extends to the upper part of the cheekbone. This trench gives the face a tired aspect and the solution consits in filling it with micro-injections of hialuronic acid and vitamins.
  •  Surgery: With surgery we eliminate the excess of skin and pockets of fat under the eyelid. Often the surgery is combined with the previously mentioned treatments to obtain the best results.