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This treatment is particularly designed to correct crows feet and bordering wrinkles.

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This treatment is particularly designed to correct crows feet and bordering wrinkles. It is used in patients who do not require blefaroplasty as a solution to their problem as they do not presents bags under the eyes but do have excess skin with wrinkles. It is also performed on patients who require blefaroplasty intraconjunctival.

This process is performed under local anaesthetic at the clinic.  After the first application, the treated area is covered with a silk dressing and the patient is ready to go home.

With Contour we can stretch the skin of the eyelids and surrounding area recuperating a youthful expression without surgery which can incur scarring and malfunctioning of the eyelid as happens on some cases.

Of course, blefaroplasty can complete the treatment of Contour, allowing any fat deposits to be removed with a small incision inside of the eyelid without the use of stitches.

After the first 24 hours, the patient should return to our clinic for the removal of a small mask and Sulfadiazina cream will be applied to the treated area. The patient should apply the cream during the following six days (just a small amount), clean the area with saline solution on the seventh day, this gives way to a youthful looking skin without wrinkles and will appear slightly reddened during a few weeks.

From this moment the patient can sunbathe using total block protection the first month and gradually, as of the second month, return to normality. We recommend that you use a protection of between 6 and 10 SPF to prevent further wrinkles.



Lip consists of the correction of wrinkles around the mouth.

This can be performed in the clinic.

The formula of lip

The formula of lip consists of a combination of natural products (fitotherapeutics) with only 20% of chemical products (fenol) which consists of exfoliating acid.

The lip acts on four levels:

  •  Exfoliates the damaged epidermis, damaged by the atmosphere and ageing, this gives way to making the skin permeable and ready to be hydrated.
  •  Tightens the skin.
  •  Regenerates the dermis allowing a greater production of collagen and elastin.
  •  Thickens the fundamental substance of the dermis.


The treatment begins with the application of the formula to the skin, approximately 5 minutes, silk dressings are then applied to the treated area and another waterproofing material applied on top. This forms a small mask that is left in place for 24 hours. After this time, the dressings are removed and sulfadiacida cream is applied to the treated area. The application of the cream is repeated during 5 days (once a day). On the sixth day the patient must return to the clinic to have the area cleaned and total sun protection applied, care should be taken during one month, applying daily. After this period normality is resumed although sun protection should always be used as prevention of further wrinkles.