Arm Lift

The brachioplasty or arms lift is the surgical technique to improve the aspect of your upper arms by removing the excess skin and underline fat. The object to this surgery is to stylize and bring harmony to the body.

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LIFTING BRAZOSAs we get on in years, arms and thighs are more sensitive to gravity and sometimes they show signs of ageing before they should. The loss of collagen and elastin causes the skin to sag and gives you an aged appearance.

Arm lifting is a surgical procedure intended to improve the form and smoothness of the arms, generally to elevate the sagging tissue and skin. This surgical procedure restore the saggy skin and removes fatty deposits.

More information about Arm Lift

Technical Information:

We will carry out a liposuction to facilitate skin traction and we will eliminate the excess skin. The incision may either be only in the internal side of the arm, next to the armpit, or it may be necessary to extend it towards the elbow.

Preop period:

  •  Full blood test
  •  E.C.G. while resting

Postop period:

During the days after the intervention, semi-rest is recommended, limiting the movements, trying not to put the stitches under pressure. Maintain a bandage to allow a correct cicatrisation. The stitches will be removed after approximately two weeks.


While the stitches remain it is important to be extremely careful. Normal daily activities may be carried out after one week without applying excessive tensions. The majority of the discomforts will be treated with medication.