Breast Reduction

There are a lot of women with many problems because of their excessive big and heavy breasts, which cause them discomfort, shoulder and neck pain and all kind of inconveniences. There´s one solution: the breast reduction.

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breast reductionBreast Reduction (Mammoplasty) is the name given to the surgical treatment designed to overcome a number of problems caused by excessively large and pendulous breasts. The breasts are naturally too large through the development of excessive breast tissue.

This condition can be as psychologically disturbing to a woman as extremely small breasts, causing feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Besides, there are physical problems associated with excessively large breasts – breast discomfort, shoulder and neck pain and backache are prevalent.

The operation is designed to reduce, uplift and firm the breasts. It involves the reduction of breast volume, removal of the breast tissue and the restoration of a normal contour consistent with the patient’s skeletal proportions to give a natural appearance. çIt also involves the repositioning of the nipple to a level consistent with the new breast shape.


More information about Breast Reduction

Technical Information:

This technique has two objectives:

  •  To lift the areola.
  •  To reduce the size of the breast.

Depending on the size of the breast the surgical procedure is different.

1. – When the breasts are very large and have an important prolongation towards the subaxillar area the surgical procedure consists in the classic technique by which a scar in the form of an inverted “T” is left.

2. – However, when the breast volume is large but there is no excessive sagging and the skin is in good condition then the scars are limited to the periareolar area with a vertical scar. – The result of the scars will depend greatly on the patient’s healing and scarring, we must always keep this in mind before deciding on the surgical procedure.

Preop period:

  •  Full blood test.
  •  E.C.G. while resting.
  •  Chest X-rays.
  •  Bilateral mammography.

Postop period:

An adequate sport or surgical bra will be necessary. The patient should avoid excessive movement and efforts during the first 15 days until the stitches are completely removed.


During the first days lymphatic massages are useful to avoid oedemas and possible haematomas. Once the stitches are removed a process to treat and cure the scars takes place, this process will determine the future cosmetic figure of the breasts.

Treatment Information:

Anesthesia: General anaesthesia.
Place of intervention: Hospital.
Surgery time: Between 3 – 5 hours.
Stay in hospital: 1 day.