Buttock Implants

We believe that true confidence comes from within, everyone knows that when you look good, you feel great. A shapely, well-proportioned body is going to give you added confidence you need to live your life to the full.

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REMODELACION GLUTEOSIf you feel your bottom could be shapelier, then we can help you. Buttock implant surgery is more popular than ever before, due to the styles and fashions of celebrities who show off their bottoms to great effect!

Men and women who find their buttocks too small or too flat can consider a buttock enlargement. This is an aesthetic procedure that changes the size and shape of the buttocks using buttock implants.

The buttock augmentation is done under general anaesthesia and takes about one to two hours. An incision of about 5 centimetres is made between the buttocks at tail bone height. The implant is inserted along this incision and placed between the buttocks, resulting in rounder and fuller buttocks. The wound inside is sutured in layers with dissolving thread. For the skin, the plastic surgeon uses non-dissolvable sutures.

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Treatment Information:

Anesthesia: General
Surgery time: 2-3 Hours
Stay in hospital: 1 Night