Overdeveloped breast tissue in men can be a result of being overweight, or having lost weight. Or it could be the growth of underlying breast tissue.

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gynecomastia Gynecomasty refers to the increase in volume of men’s breasts, which is quite visible during puberty. During puberty it is normal that the mammary gland increases in size due to hormonal changes.

Nevertheless in some cases the gland remains increased causing psychosocial problems and limiting social and sporting activities to hide that abnormality.

In 90 % of cases the results after using liposuction are definite and satisfactory. The incisions are those typical of liposuction, 2 to 3 per mammary gland (armpit, sub-mammary fold).

The mammary tissue is harder than fat, a transareola incision is made until it reaches the pectoral fascia, following this the hypertrophied gland is separated, cut away and emptied.

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Technical Information:

Depending on the predominant tissue the operation is performed with liposuction to eliminate excess fat or the combination of liposuction with direct extirpation of the mammary tissue.

Preop period:

  •  Full blood test.
  •  Mammography.
  •  E.C.G.

Postop period:

The first days after surgery a haematoma might be present in the treated area, it will progressively disappear.


A special compressive garment is recommended for the first 15-20 days after the operation. Lymphatic massages are recommended to achieve satisfactory results and help in the recovery.

Treatment Information:

Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia with sedatives.
Place of intervention: Outpatient Surgery Center.
Surgery time: 1 Hour
Stay in hospital: None