Thigh Lift

The thigh lifting surgery is an excellent way to achieve firm and attractive legs. This procedure is used specially for people who have excess skin because of excessive weigh loss. It helps to tone and refine the legs and produces a new slimmer figure.

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LIFTING MUSLOSThe lifting of the thighs is a surgical procedure directed to improve the form and smoothness of the legs for the following reasons: To improve the female contours of the body for personal reasons. It corrects and reduces the volume of the legs and thighs and consequently the sagging skin and after the surgery an important reduction of weight.

Tightening of the skin gives a smoothness to the stretched skin of the thighs and legs which produces a lifting effect. What this surgery contributes is an improvement of the smoothness and the form of the legs, improving therefore the body’s contour since it reduces the volume of the legs and thighs.


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Technical Information:

The Crural Lifting technique consists in emptying the area of fat (liposuction) and thus eliminating any excess skin. The scar left is hidden in the fold of the groin.

Preop period:

  •  Full blood test
  •  E.C.G. while resting

Postop period:

The first days after surgery we recommend semi-rest, a limited amount of movement as there might be swelling of the area. Stitches are removed after 10 to 15 days.


While the stitches are still present it is important to be very careful while cleaning the area, so as not to affect the wound. During the first 15 days it is advisable to use a compressive garment.

Treatment Information:

Anesthesia: Epidural.
Place of intervention: Outpatient surgery centre.
Surgery time: 2 – 3 hours.
Stay in hospital: Hours.