facial surgeryThe correction of the components of your face is one of the most frequent consultations we have in our clinic. There are different procedures to re model your nose, eyes, ears, chin, eyebrow and lips and give us a personal and renewed look which we feel better and confident with.

Facial re model surgery makes changes in the structure and profile of your face, acting on facial bones such as jaw, chin and nose. The re model of certain angles of your face, prominences and folds helps to give more character to your face or, on the other side, to smooth it. The unbalanced shape of your face or the deformity not only could provoke discomfort to your body (difficulty breathing, a viral infection of the nose…) but it is a reason that gives you poor self estime and important difficulties to interact with others.

On the other side, small imperfections in facial develop can cause alterations in your personality because of the problems it brings in communication with others. It means, an asymmetrical chin gives you the idea of a week personality when a prominent and solid jaw gives the sensation, unconsciously, of a strong character. This situation has a surgical solution and with it we can re model our face with fillers (when volume is necessary) or removing excess skin or tissue.


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