Bichat Ball

The extration of the Bichat balls is performed on people very round faces with little definition.

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BOLAS DE BICHATThis process consists in removing fatty deposits around the face to achieve a more angular and attractive appearance.

With the removal of Bichat ball we can achieve noticable cheekbones and a finer appearance.
The surgeon will evaluate the patient beforehand, doing a facial study and deciding if the patient is at their ideal weight to achieve optimum results around the jawline etc.

Inflamation is minimal and will reduce in time. Optimum results will be apreciated after 1 month.

After treatment, oral higiene is very important.
Food must be of a bland nature.
Patients can resume normal activity after 3 days.
All stitches are absorbable, no removal is necessary.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as this will interfere with the healing process.

The extraction is performed via a small incision of approximately 1.5cm on the inside of the face and the Bichat balls are removed using pressure applied to the exterior.
The fat that is removed is found between the masetero muscle and ´bucinador´.

This process is normally performed under local anaesthetic except those cases where another intervention is taking placce simulatiously.