Cervical Lifting

Cervical lifting is the surgery performed in the neck zone from the edge of the jaw to the Adam´s apple.

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LIFTING CERVICALThe cervical lifting, neck lift or platysmaplasty (named for the plastysma muscles which run along the front of the neck) is a surgical procedure performed in the neck zone from the edge of the jaw to the Adam´s apple to improve and sharpen the contour of the jaw line.

Cervical lifting tightens the skin and the underlying muscles to lift the neck as well as improve and sharpen the contour of the jaw line.

Due to aging there is a drooping of the skin of the neck, this is sometimes associated with an increase in the layer of fat (double chin) and a loss in the tone of the muscle that supports it: the Platysma muscle.

This muscle extends like a fan from the edge of the jaw to the collar bone, and in its central section (under the chin) it can be joined or separate.

When it is separate, with aging, it is frequent that a vertical band forms and affects the neck and the muscle must be closed. The other characteristic of aging of the neck is the reduction of the angle that exists below the jaw.


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 Technical Information:

The objective of this operation is to correct all of these defects. The incisions are made behind the ears and then follow a horizontal line under the hair towards the back of the neck.

When it is necessary to close the Platysma muscle to eliminate the vertical bands then a small cut below the chin (3 – 4 cm) is made, the cut remains perfectly hidden.

 Preop period:

  •  Full blood test.
  •  E.C.G.

Postop period:

During the first days a certain swelling, bruising and a hardening of the skin under the chin is normal. Stitches will be removed after 7 to 12 days.


While there are stitches patients will have to be very careful when washing their hair so as not to affect the scars. A hair drier of hot air can not be used in the area. During the first 15 days a compressive garment is advisable.

Treatment Information:

Anesthesia: Local with sedative.
Place of intervention: Outpatient Centre.
Surgery time: Between 1:30 – 2 hours.
Stay in hospital: Hours.