Elimination of Xanthelasma

The eyelid xanthelasma is produced around the eyelids and it´s appearance could be related to a metabolic syndrome or hypercholesterolemia and consists of some yellowing plaques which appear around the periorbital area.

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Xanthelasma are common in skin disorders, especially among older adults and patients with high level of lipids in the blood (fat levels).

A few of these disorders are:

  •  shutterstock_174163376Certain cancers
  •  Diabetes
  •  Inherited metabolic disorders such us hypercholestoremia familiar
  •  Cyrrhosis

They are of the nature of small fatty deposits beneath the surface of the skin whose diameter varies from tiny to 7,5 cm. Bilateral, that is to say they appear in both eyes.

These deposits may appear in any part of the body but generally the elbows, joints ,knees, hands feet and gluteus are most common.

Eyelid xanthelasma is a type of xanthoma which appears on the eyelid and can occur without any underliying medical complaint. Is not necessarily associated with lipids or high colesterol.

The removal of xanthelasmas is effected by minor surgery using local anesthetic. Hospitalization not neccesary.