Lip Reduction

Lately patients have been wanting to have their lips reduced. Often this is because they feel that previou implant have moved or simply because they have decided that a more natural look is preferrable.

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DISMINUCIÓN LABIOSA bad implant can cause lip deformation, lumpiness and movement of the product to other areas. Lip tissue needs to be treated with upmost care and attention with products that are compatible with this area.

Having said all that, these problems belong to a bygone era as the products used nowadays do not have these undesirable consequences. It is not advisable to have permanent implants in the lip area. Today all products are long lasting and tried and tested giving way to a more natural look and feel.

A lot of patients are misguided by their doctor/beautician and opt for a permanent implant, others however have simply grown tired of their ´new look´.

The removal of permanent lip implants involves surgery performed under local anaesthetic. The object of this surgery is to remove the silicone implant via an incision between the outer lip and the inner lip.


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 Postop period:

It is important not to eat solid food during 4 days, the stitches are removed on the 7th day.


The results are generally good, although occassionally small corrections are necessary using fillers to give optimum results.