Thread Lift Facelift

Non-surgical thread lift is a treatment that offers excellent results with minimum suffering. It is safe, non traumatic and leaves no scarring giving way to a natural.

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thread liftWhen the aging process begins, the connecting tissues weaken, the collagen and elastic fibres begin to deteriorate, the characteristics and structural toning of and elasticity of the cutis change and they can no longer fight the signs of gravity and they therefore move to other parts of the face causing a change in our appearance. These changes in our structural make up therefore alter our appearance in the form of sagging and deep wrinkles, these can start to appear as of 30 years of age.

The best candidates for this treatment are therefore men and women between the ages of 30 and 60 years who do not wish to go through the more invasive surgical face lift and want to acheive a longer lasting result than botox or facial implants can offer.

The effects of this treatment last around 3 and 5 years.

Areas that can be treated

  •  lifting around the jawline.
  •  lifting of eyebrows
  •  adjusting the face to make it more symetrical
  •  redefine neck line
  •  soften the aspect of the face caused by premature aging.

More information about Thread Lift Facelift

Technical Information:

The doctor will make a small incision within the hairline and insert the threads beneath the skins surface. By doing this the doctor will be able to re-adjust the facial tension, repositioning the anlges of the face to it´s more natural state without changing the fisonomy of the patient,
Once the threads are in place, our own organism will begin to produce collagen which will cover each thread, strengthening its position maintaining a prolonged lifted effect. The positioning of each thread will depend on each individual patient.
This process is quick and is perormed using local aneasthetic and sedative.

Postop period:

Within 14 days you should be back to normal with no discomfort.
During the first 2 or 3 week the skin around the treated area may appear wrinkled but this will disappear quickly.
No side effects have been reported or allergies but there is always a possibility of this.
During the first days after treatment you may experience some discomfort and inflamation due to the manipulation of the dermis and also due to the use of local aneasthetic.
Consultation at the clinic is free and you will be informed of the best treatment specified for you.