The surgery of the labia minora, hypertrophy corrects in their development, as well as asymmetric appearance.

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LABIOPLASTIAAlso known as minfoplasty, this is a surgical intervention whereby the outer and inner lips are remodelled and reduced to give a more attractive appearance.

This type of surgery is recommended for women with a congenital defect and suffer from hypertrofic lips (enlarged) and or asymmetric or hanging lips. In most cases this intervention is performed solely for esthetic purposes. Sometime the excessive growth of the labia cam hinder personal hygiene and complicate sexual relations.

More information about Labioplasty

Technical Information:

The inner lips are two structures found inside the outer lips closing the entrance to the vagina and at the same time protecting the clitoris and urethra. The surgery consists basically of removing excess tissue and giving shape to the remaining area. Sometimes this procedure is accompanied by a small infiltration of fatty tissue giving more shape and form to the vaginal lips. Permanent fillers should never be used in this area.

As with all surgical procedures, labioplasty has its risks. These include loss of sensitivity in the erogenous zone, this is temporary.. The operation is performed generally under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Preop period:

  •  Blood analysis
  •  ECG


Use comfortable clothing, not tight fitting garments, tangas or jeans.
We recommend ´pelvic relax´ six to eight weeks. This means that tampons and vibrators should not be used and to abstain from intercourse during this time.

It is advisable not to lift heavy objects or to do any activity that involves bending and making any excessive effort to avoid stress on the stitched area to prevent the opening of the wound.

Your genital area should be cared for gently during the healing time.