Around this time of the year many of our patients actively perform the famous Operation Bikini: diets, meal supplements, gym, massages, aesthetic treatments, medical treatments, surgery, etc., etc., etc. Some start preparing for summer many months in advance to the good weather. Being prepared and organized has many benefits – good and lasting results, without stress, great sacrifices, etc.

However, in many occasions the hours spent in the gym and the strict diets do not get rid of those rebellious love handles or extra centimeters around the waist. It is of no surprise that there is fat deposits located in areas that require professional intervention to help get rid of. One solution could be localized liposuction, a surgical procedure with its post-operative care and great results. For those patients that do not want aggressive treatments and trust in aesthetic devices – cavitation is a good option. The results are noticeable from the very first session. This is a non invasive aesthetic treatment that requires no special care and permits you to have the treatment at any time and continue with your daily routine. The results are more subtle than in the case of localized liposuction.

A good middle point is the Aqualyx or Intralipotherapy treatment. Aqualyx is a treatment done by a medical professional without the need of surgery giving visible results from the very first session and with no medical recovery time required. It also does not require complicated post treatment care.

Aqualyx is a medical acuous micro-gelatin solution, biocompatible and totally reabsorbable into the body. It is recommended for the treatment and elimination of localized fat.

This is a short term treatment that substitutes the traditional Mesotherapy and liposuction. With only 3-6 sessions of subcutaneous infiltration in the affected areas, the fat liquidizes and is eliminated permanently. The intralipotherapy is a non surgical procedure only indicated for the use of localized fat. It is not recommended for the use in removal of cellulite or for the treatment of obesity.

Treatment session consists of subcutaneous infiltration via needles specifically designed for this procedure and following strict protocol of dosification to avoid undesirable effects. Very few punctures are needed.

Immediately after infiltration of the fostfatidilcolina using the intralipotherapy method there is no redness as the solution does not touch the skin surface, it is placed subcutaneously. You may experience a slight burning or itching sensation similar to that of pins and needles for a few days. In approximately 3-4 weeks the volume of fat has disappeared. After the infiltration an ultrasound is applied to speed up the action of the product.

We recommend the use of a compression garment, tights or similar as well as having lymphatic drainage one week after.

The Clinic of Dr. Campos is currently offering the following promotions for AQUALYX:

– 1 or 2 vials 150€ + IVA

– 3 or 4 vials 250€ + IVA

– 5 or 6 vials 300€ + IVA

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