¿Have you heard about the latest revolutionary treatment in aesthetic medicine?

Find out about the best biostimulant for the skin – Aquashine BTX. It consists in a new generation of the most demanded products for mesotherapy.

Aquashine BTX is very popular with the Russian market, famous for their requirements with regards to quality, safety and medical aesthetic results. It’s now available at Clinica Dr Campos in Marbella.

Aquashine BTX is a new anti-aging product of medical application that acts on three levels:

1.- Reduces and prevent wrinkles and expression lines by relaxing the muscles, being an ideal treatment for patients with resistance to botulinum toxin, prolonging its effect.
2.- Revitalizes the skin and improves its appearance, reducing small wrinkles and even acne scars.
3.- Clarifies and brings luminosity to the skin. Prevents hyperpigmentation responsible for skin blemishes.

The latter was the one that triggered the demand for this treatment in aesthetic medicine consultations, especially now, in the summer time. More and more patients demand treatments that not only treat an aesthetic problem, but also help to prevent them in the future. All this, with a natural and immediate effect. Aquashine BTX fulfills all these functions and therefore the success of the treatment is greater than in the case of other types of therapies for biostimulation of the skin.

AQUASHINE BTX combines the benefits of hyaluronic acid with stimulating peptides that activate the regeneration and renewal of the skin and improve its texture, and the results can be seen from the first session.
The usual protocol for application consists of 3 sessions, spaced out in a minimum period of one month. This treatment can be combined with other techniques of skin revitalization, such as microneedling.

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