¿What if were to tell you that you could lose up to 7 kilos in 3 weeks without having to starve yourself or spend hours and hours in the gym?

And that in these 21 days you could improve your health, your mood, your mobility and your overall look.

This is not make believe. It is now possible to achieve your peak physical fitness and lose weight with the new and exclusive program ‘BE YOUR BEST’ at Clinica Dr Campos – the most complete program that  will help you to make changes in your lifestyle and  to maintain them without too much effort.

For anyone that is prone to put on weight, whether it be a small or large amount, will know that losing weight is no easy task. And if choosing the right diet wasn´t complicated enough, add the extra pressure of having to force one self to do more exercise and sport and to have continuity and not be lazy…..many times people get frustrated even before they start.

At Clinica Dr Campos we have tried and tested many weight loss programs and we have come to the conclusion that something more than just dieting was needed because the patient needed more than just to lose weight. With this information we have created the 3 step program “BE YOUR BEST It´s possible”:

First Pillar: MEDICAL EVALUATION and constant professional monitoring throughout the entire process. What a patient needs is the guarantee that the diet will be effective both short and long term, and most importantly that it is safe for your health. The only way to ensure this is medical supervision, with blood tests, electrocardiogram, monitoring blood pressure and bioimpedance, etc. Only this way are we able to personalize a diet, not only to the personal taste of the patient but also to the health needs of the patient. Best of all, by constantly monitoring the patient throughout, we can prove that in most cases we achieve a significant improvement to health.

We provide our patients with the advice and support they need throughout the entire program. CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST AND DIETICIAN, Personal trainer to the elite, Christine Zellen helps our patients with the daily routine and support they need, clarifying any doubts and making the necessary adjustments so that the program will be a success.

Second Pillar: DIET SCIENCE: Our diet plan has been designed for fast and effective weight loss with the guarantee to maintain the muscle mass intact. This ensures a slender and well defined body, higher energy levels and improved physical fitness with long lasting effects. The secret to obtaining these results is in the cetogenic diet (for this reason medical supervision is mandatory).The food products are produced using the highest quality protein and contain a minimal percentage of carbohydrates. A controlled state of ketosis has multiple benefits: it regulates the levels of insulin in the blood, produces higher energy levels, creates a greater sense of wellbeing and most important of all it will ensure that the body will burn all of the stored fat that is so often the hardest to get rid of with other diets. We would like to highlight that this is a very easy diet to follow as it doesn´t require any complicated cooking techniques, allows you to plan ahead and won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Third Pillar: PERSONAL TRAINING. Exercise is not only important for our health, wellbeing and peak physical fitness levels, it also produces endorphins, combats stress, improves sleep, helps achieve the figure we want and much more. This is why it is important to exercise during the program.

Ok, so not everyone has the same needs and abilities. This is why, with the program ‘BE YOUR BEST’, a personal trainer will offer you with different training programs so that you can chose the one that suits you best. Whether you choose to train with a personal trainer, choose group classes with others with the same goals or you choose to train alone, we will help you get the most out of the workout.

For people that are not able to leave the house, we are able to make a personalized fitness plan that they can do at home in front of the television or before going to bed.

With ‘BE YOUR BEST’ there is no excuse not to incorporate exercise into your daily life and start to feel better.

Now losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is so much easier (and cheaper) than before. Expensive liposuction, gastric band surgery and multiple diets that dont work are all very costly and time consuming. With ‘BE YOUR BEST’ you will achieve long lasting results and with the help necessary not to regain the weight.

So take the necessary step forward and start to feel better- contact our team at the Nutrition and Fitness Unit at Clinica Dr Campos and make your appointment for the ‘BE YOUR BEST It´s possible’ nutritional program.

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