Botox/Vistabel has been approved by the Spanish Medical Agency since 2004 and has revolutionized the aesthetic industry. Currently, this anti-rejuvenation technique has been the most demanded and effective in eliminating wrinkles of expression, facial lines and deep creases. It is estimated that during 2006 over 77.000 treatments were conducted in Spain. The reason for success has been attributed to the safety, efficiency, natural looking effect, comfort and post-treatment of product.


This treatment has been studied on patients for over 20 years without any recorded incidents as to serious secondary consequences for cosmetic use. Botulinum Toxin has no accumulative effect, it is reabsorbed throughout the body and the results ultimately subside after a few months. This process is similar to other anti-aging treatments such as fillers with hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse or Facetem), polylactic acid (Sculptra), reabsorbable sutures (Silhouette Soft), etc. To avoid any type of complication, it is very important that you seek treatment at an authorized center and have treatment performed by a specialized doctor.


Botox is a treatment that acts as a muscle relaxant causing the wrinkles of expression to disappear and avoiding the appearance of new ones. This treatment likewise has the advantage of raising the tail end of eyebrows providing a broadened look and maintaining facial firmness. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous studies and it was concluded at the convention held by The American Society of Dermatological Surgery that although creams that claimed to have the “botox effect” to soften fine lines, they are unable to provide the same level of effect that Vistabel offers in the treatment of wrinkles moderate and/or severe.
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The natural look is another key factor in the treatment of Botulinum Toxin. Nowadays patients are not looking for the ironed or stretched facial look. According to a study performed by Aesthetic Anthropology, 83% of Spanish women consider the natural look as a critical part of beauty. This technique provides an improved appearance without losing facial expression and features of the patient. Since the procedure is done with injections using small needles, patients are left with no scars or facial scabs. Product does not add volume; its effects are progressive and improve with time. The elimination of lines can be visibly seen from the third day and results can last up to 4-6 months.


Approximately 20 minutes is all you need to have procedure done. Botox injections are practically pain free and with 2 sessions a year, you can obtain a relaxed and natural look. Patients do not need time away from work post treatment. The only indications needed are to make sure not to touch face for 2 hours after procedure.


Non surgical anti aging techniques represents the future of all aesthetics treatments. More and more, better and more efficient treatments are the solution required by patients. Within the non surgical treatments, Botulinum Toxin is the one patient refers the most. The future is of this technique is in the increase of guidelines as well as the increase of demand in both men and women.
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