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sin celulitis para este verano

Summer is just around the corner

Spring is the ideal time to look at ourselves in the mirror and decide if there is any part of our body that we would like to improve for summer.

At Clinica Dr. Campos we support the philosophy of gradual and constant care, healthy lifestyle habits all year round, and we greatly encourage maintenance treatments that may avoid more aggressive interventions in the future.  From experience we see that the day to day life of our patients is variable and depending on the personal circumstance of each one, can alter the balance that each one of them tries to achieve. At this time the advice of a professional may be a great help to improve those small imperfections and changes that our body has experienced. With this help we will be able to fully enjoy the summer, go to the beach, go out with friends and wear all of our favorite outfits. In this article we present our most popular Operation Bikini treatments and you will discover a very revolutionary therapy – Carboxderm, carboxytherapy without injections.

Top 10 Operation Bikini Body treatments:

In our portfolio of body treatments we have all kinds of therapies to suit everyone’s needs. We have non-invasive procedures and manual therapies, followed by the highly demanded techniques with the use of modern and advanced aesthetic and medical-aesthetic technology (Endermologie LPG, endodiathermy, cavitation, pressotherapy, radiofrequency, LED therapy, shock waves, etc.). ). We also offer medical-aesthetic and even surgical treatments: mesotherapy, laser therapy, traditional and laser-assisted liposuction, abdominoplasty, mammoplasty, bariatric surgery, etc.

Of course, nutrition is very important for patients who want to achieve a major change in their appearance and at Clínica Dr. Campos we are constantly innovating our treatments in order to offer easy, effective and safe nutritional solutions. The great advantage of this is that we know how to interlace the correction of some eating habits with our body treatments to achieve the best results and in record time.

What is Carboxderm?

Today we want to pay special attention to a new type of therapy, a non-invasive and exclusive therapy at medical centers. We are talking about a body treatment from the Utsukusy laboratory “Carboxderm”. Carboxytherapy is a very popular treatment in medical centers and involves the application of CO2 gas in order to achieve an aesthetic and, in some cases, therapeutic improvement.

carboxiterapia sin inyecciones

The application of CO2 revitalizes cellular function, provides greater oxygenation to tissue and therefore allows the recovery of our skin, especially regaining firmness and luminosity.

The Carboxderm treatment allows us to offer our patients all these CO2 properties without the need to suffer uncomfortable injections of the traditional application. Carboxderm is an in-house treatment. It consists in the application of a series of products specially made with exclusive Japanese technology for the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and skin flaccidity.

In the case of cellulite we can stimulate the metabolism and also increase the microcirculation in the area. This way we can reduce the accumulation of liquids and promote the lipolysis of fat cells, which decreases fibrosis. The combination of the two reduces the appearance of “orange peel” skin, decrease volume and improve the tired feeling in the legs.

For the treatment of flaccidity, with Carboxderm therapy we can improve the quality of the skin, resulting in a smoother skin.

Stretch marks. CO2 helps the production of new collagen fibers and in conjunction with the improvement of cellular metabolism and increase of local microcirculation, we can improve the appearance of stretch marks.

The most requested body treatments with Carboxderm – Modern Carboxytherapy:

  • Cellulite treatments
  • Reduction of localised body volume
  • Stretch marks
  • Elimination of micro veins
  • Treatment of flaccidity in the arms
  • Recommended treatment for pre and post liposculpture, reducing the risk of unwanted fibrosis.

It is recommended to have several sessions according to the improvement that the patient wants to achieve and the degree of the initial problem. In some cases, the result can be optimized by combining several techniques.

Do you want to know more about Carboxderm or any other body treatments that we offer at our clinic? All you have to do is make an appointment and make an appointment. Call us on 952 821 811 or by WhatsApp on 670 032 191

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