Actually the effect of the feline gaze, or also known as cat eye or foxy eye, among others, has already been a trend on many occasions. In fact, in 2012 it was quite a phenomenon in summer makeup. And in 2019 it was highlighted by many renowned makeup artists. And it is completely understandable, because whatever technique is used to achieve this look, what we get as a result is the lift and rejuvenating effect.
Thanks to this spectacular effect, which also generates a somewhat enigmatic appearance that is very attractive, the demand for aesthetic medical treatments that allow this feline look without the need to resort to complex makeups has now grown.

At Clínica Dr. Campos we have carried out a complete investigation to offer the highest range of treatments with cat eye or foxy eye effect. We tell you with all the details.

Feline look effect treatments – cat eyes – foxy eyes

1.Eyebrow design

  • Let’s start with non-invasive treatments that help achieve eyebrow lift. The correct design of eyebrows can be one of them, especially if it is a young person who still does not need any medical or surgical intervention. In the case of eyebrow design it is important to have a person with enough experience as it is a treatment that requires a lot of art. Remember that you can get the more or less lasting effect, using microblending or micropigmentation techniques.


2.Botulinum toxin or BOTOX.

  • We already know that Botox is the most demanded treatment in cosmetic medicine consultations. The degree of satisfaction of patients with the elimination of expression wrinkles in the upper third with botox is extremely high. And the quality / price ratio is very good, which has made this treatment very popular. It is well known that botox applications are very exact, but it is also true that there are techniques that allow slight changes to be made, including achieving an eyebrow lift effect. A correct prior medical diagnosis is very important to analyze the patient’s expectations and ensure that this treatment is the most suitable


3.Tensioning  threads.

  • There is a wide variety of tensioning threads and their applications. Some types of threads are capable of tightening the skin enough to raise the eyebrow and achieve the desired foxy eyes effect. In fact, most of the images of the interventions that we are seeing on social networks are those of the tension threads in the upper third. The immediate effect is very striking, although the truth is that in the next few days the tissues will be repositioned and will decrease a little, providing a more natural effect. These types of threads can last up to 18 months and their placement does not exceed 30 minutes in ambulatory conditions and with local anesthesia, making it a very grateful intervention. At Clinic Dr. Campos we work with a wide variety of threads in order to fully personalize the treatment and select the best technique for each case. Brands like Silhouette Soft or APTOS are known worldwide for their quality, safety and, above all, the results they can offer to patients. Right now it can be said that they are the only ones capable of providing the immediate and lasting lift effect.

4.Surgical  solutions.

  • Sometimes, especially at a certain age, the above solutions are not enough to raise the eyebrows and the result is not long enough to compensate the intervention. This is when a small surgical intervention could be considered as an alternative to achieve this much desired feline look. This surgery could be combined with another highly demanded surgery, blepharoplasty – removal of excess skin and / or fat on the upper or lower eyelid..

If you are up on all the latest trends in aesthetics and beauty or simply want to rejuvenate your gaze with one of these techniques and achieve the cat eye, foxy eye or feline gaze effect, contact our medical team and we will give you a complete assessment and we will answer all your doubts without any commitment.

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