For more than 30 years, Dr. Jose Vicente Campos Martin has been a practicing physician in Marbella. Licensed in Medicine and Surgery in 1982, the doctor started his consult in family medicine and to this day many families from San Pedro de Alcantara remember his small medical office wthin the neighborhood. In a very short time, Campos discovered his passion for aesthetics and the art of beauty and soon became one of the pioneers of Aesthetic medicine.
dr campos

Since that time, he has not stopped adquiring all possible knowledge in that field of medicine: He obtained a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine through S.E.M.E., has received a Diploma in Basic Dermatology and Surgery, has also completed hundreds of courses, has assisted many national and international congresses, workshops, informative talks and individual formations. Dr. Campos is currently part of many medical companies and is one of the educators for the well known medical Sinclair Laboratory.

During these last 3 decades, Dr. Campos has attended to more than 15000 patients and has had consults not only in his clinic in Marbella, but also in Barcelona, Madrid, Gibraltar, Melilla, Malaga, Ceuta, Torremolinos, Algeciras, La Linea de Concencion, etc. He has collaborated and continues to collaborate with the most prestigious doctors and plastic surgeons in Spain and abroad. Respected by his colleagues, doctor ALWAYS places the well being of the patient: and if the treatment requested is not possible –HE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE BEST SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONAL AVAILABLE.

The entire medical staff of Clinic Dr. Campos followes the strictest medical ethics code, which has provided us with great success these 30 years.  Our patients refer to us as ” their clinic of confidence” and that is the highest honor we can recieve as part of this medical office.

  • I. The constituents of our group must have the conscience that at all moments they must make decisions with relations to the following components: scientific and ethical, basic elements of information as human beings.
  • II. Members of our Health team must limit its functions and incumbencies to their respective titles or enabling certificates. The attention of our patients must be certified by a planning based on scientific principles.
  • III. Our Medical staff may not delegate to non qualified personnel, functions or attributions, privative of their profession or activity..
  • IV. Our staff of medical professionals must maintain updated in the scientific advances and technology in Medical Aesthetic Surgery
  • V. Medication, being part of our consultation, members of our medical staff must defend the liberties of prescriptions, being a medical act; assume the ethical and legal responsibility of the results of such activity.
  • VI. Members of our medical staff must respect the right of the patient as to their dignity, offering the best attention for their well being, psychophysical as well as sociocultural.
  • VII. Our Medical staff has the obligation of offering the major quantity of information required by the patients in regards to their diagnosis, prognosis, therapies, preventive care (primary or secondary); and offering the patients “Informed Consents” that must be signed by patient or legal representative, when the our staff deems necessary.
  • VIII. Professional Confidentiality is an ethical obligation that our medical staff is obligated to comply, for the public´s interest, the security of the patients, the honor of the families, the professional respectability and the dignity of Medicine.
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