This procedure is to replace an absent or fractured tooth to masticatory function, anatomy, aesthetics and phonation altered by prosthesis that can be removable or fixed. This prosthesis can be:

Crowns on teeth

Crowns or “cases” are placed when a tooth is weak or needs to be reinforced due to damage. With the CEREC system we are able inLAB make crowns and teeth in an hour. For the placement of these crowns the tooth must be prepared and tooth root carved, which will be attached by special cement.

Prostodoncia - Corona sobre dientes

Crowns on implants

The implant is an artificial tooth root, or in other words, it is a “screw” which is inserted into the gingiva so that permanent, fixed or bolted crown will go on the implant. It is responsible to emulate the tooth. On some occasions there is a provisional acrylic crown placed before the final crown. This procedure does not hurt the other teeth, achieving excellent aesthetics and masticatory function.

Prostodoncia - Coronas sobre implantes

Complete Fixed prosthesis

This prosthesis is necessary in cases where there is no lack of one or several teeth but the entire mouth is missing teeth.
With the technical ALL-ON-4, implants are placed throughout the maxillary arch or jaw on the same day of surgery. There is minimal discomfort for the patient and quality of life is improved from the first moment. This technique is efficient in 99% of cases.

Prostodoncia - Protesis completas fijas

Dental bridges

This is the procedure that replaces the missing tooth or teeth in the oral cavity. They may go on a tooth or an implant. It is the less conservative option because you have to carve the adjacent teeth or tooth enamel removing absence of healthy teeth.

Prostodoncia - Puentes dentales

Removable Partial Denture

Acrylic on a support which bind teeth are located by metallic hooks to adjacent teeth wearing them down, as they support the masticatory forces. They are unaesthetic (as are the metal hooks) and supporting bone is lost gradually being necessary as with dentures periodic review for relining.

Prostodoncia - Protesis parcial removible

Complete removal prosthesis

Known as dentures, they are responsible for replacing all the teeth in the jaw, Its main feature is that it can be removed by the patient, thinking of hygiene. On an acrylic support the false teeth are located. Over time adaptation of the prosthesis is lost because the bone will reabsorb the absence of teeth of implants therefore requiring periodocial dental visits for relining every 6 to 12 months.

Prostodoncia - Protesis completa removible

Dental treatment

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