Have you lost one or several teeth? Implantology is the technique that is responsible for replacing lost teeth.

Come and see us and our experts will inform you and answer all your questions, make a complete diagnosis of your case and offer you the best treatment.

Advantages of Dental Implants

1.- Versatility: it is the perfect treatment whether you need one, two, or all the teeth.

2.- They are biocompatible. Made of titanium, a material that allows correct integration in the bone and is not rejected by the human body. Thus, we replace the lost dental piece with an aesthetic and natural piece.

3.- Immediate procedure, you can smile in a moment.

4.-. Maximum stability as they are fixed to the bone.

5. – Durability for many years. A durable solution that with proper oral hygiene and checkups will last.

6.- Fast procedure, minimally invasive and with hardly any discomfort.

7.- Does not affect the adjacent teeth.

8.- The success rate is almost 100%.

9.- Prevents bone loss in the long term.

10.- Stability and comfort.

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