Complete Oral Rehabilitation

The complete oral rehabilitation is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for replacing all the teeth in the mouth.
It may be only the upper teeth, lower teeth or both arches.
This procedure is done with dental implants, that is, placing the fixed teeth.

Implantes - Boca completa

In Dr. Campos Dental Clinic Unit, we offer 3 possible methods to completely rehabilitating all the teeth in the mouth:

  1. All teeth implants
  2. All-on-four
  3. Zygomatic implants

1. All teeth implants

This treatment is recovered by dental implants of all missing teeth. This option is less economic because 8, 10, or even 12 dental implants are needed.

2. All-on-four

This is a revolutionary implant placement system, which with only 4 dental implants, anyone can look new smile . In the same day!
Dr. Pablo Aviles is a pioneer in Malaga in this technique. He is not only an expert in it, but is also forming other professionals who come from all over Spain at his prestigious training center. (link to the web ayr training)

3. Zygomatic implants

Recommended treatment for patients who have loss of jawbone. Similar to the above technique, but in this case implants will go directly into the zygomatic bone. Dr. Pablo Aviles is a lecturer at a national level on this technique.


The technique All-on-4 TM is to make immediate placement of the denture in the same day of surgery. This procedure allows 4 implants to be placed over the entire arch, permanently, without bone grafts. This procedure has the highest success rate.
Traditional 8, 10, or even 12 implants have passed to 4 implants, with an effective ans reliable restoration to patients. The implants are strategically distributed to ensure proper fixing ans avoid overloading the bone. It is aimed to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower arch with a small number of dental implants, demonstrating that the success of the dental restoration does not rely on doing more implants, but on the quality of them and above all, the surgeon’s hands.
Therefore the clinical team of Dr. Campos uses only the best and most advanced materials in all of his interventions.

All-On-4 is adaptable to all patients according to their needs. Methods:

  • Standard: Patients who have enough bone in the upper jaw. 4 standard implants are placed.
  • Hybrid: Patients who have lost bone in the back of the jaw. 2 standard implants in the front and to Zygoma implants in the back.
  • Zygoma: Patients in whom the Jawbone is totally lost. 4 implants are placed Zigoma type. With this procedure, you can rehabilitate 100% of patients without bone grafts.

Zygomatic implants

ygomatic implants are a type of dental implants that are anchored in the dense cheekbone, becoming the best alternative for patients who have lost many teeth for several years and does not have enough bone. These situations are a challenge for the implantologist, especially if it is the teeth of the upper jaw.
It combines the placement of implants in the zygomatic or malar bone, with the placement of conventional dental implants in the anterior maxilla. It is a safe and fairly simple procedure usually performed under general anesthesia for comfort to both patient and implantologist.


Its success rate is between 94 and 100%. Being an excellent option for complete oral rehabilitation without grafts or patients with several resorbed or atrophic jaws.

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