Dental Implants for several pieces

Dental implants are the best option to feel natural healthy teeth.
When you have lost several teeth it is not necessary to replace all missing teeth with the same number of dental implants. A clear example is if three adjacent teeth are missing, you can place two implants and three crowns. (See picture)

Implantes de varios dientes

Millions of people worldwide are affected by tooth loss due to the natural aging process, accidents, illness or other factors.
At the time of placing more than one implant, aesthetics play a very important factor. Interdental papilla (triangle of gum between the teeth) will depend on the correct distribution and placement of the implants, especially in the last sector. If not, voids and black triangles may appear between the teeth. Sometimes, though missing four teeth only two implants are placed, so the best aesthetic ( and economic) option is achieved.

If several teeth are missing, there are 2 options

  1. Replace missing teeth with dental Impl
  2. Remove the remaining natural teeth and perform a complete oral rehabilitation.

Therefore, we must evaluate each patient individually to offer the best choice. Your best option.

Best Choice does not have to be the most expensive! WE can rehabilitate all teeth in the mouth with only four implants with the technical all-on-4 TM. With this treatment, you can enjoy fixed teeth in one day!
Ask for a free and without obligation appointment with our specialist and he will inform you of the best solution for your problem.

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