Aesthetic Orthodontics

They constitute a more aesthetic alternative to metl braces. Its great advantage is that they are more discreet, though not al are equal aesthetic brackets. We cn distinguish between:

  • Plastic brackets
  • Sapphire brackets
  • Polycarbonate brackets and polycrystalline alumina
  • Porcelain or ceramic brackets
  • Brackets white and yellow gold.
Ortodoncia estética - Brackest y diferentes tonalidades

Some brackets are too white are too reflective, so that the contrast with the tooth is great. Others such as plastic have the disadvantage of smudging or staining with ease.
Ceramic brackets that are used on our clinic mimic the color of the tooth. Unlike other aesthetic brackets, they are all ceramic, no visible metal parts.

The monocrystaline Sapphire brackets are currently of the one of the systems more aesthetic orthodontics, since a higher translucency is obtained., providing an almost invisible color similar to a transparent glass that respects the tone of the teeth providing exceptional aesthetics ( see the picture of actual patient) However, remember that the sapphire is the second hardest mineral known to man. This means that if not properly used can wear and damage your teeth.

The great advantage of these braces is cosmetic. On the other hand it will not increase the cost and time of orthodontic treatment

The new aesthetic self-ligating brackets Damon Clear or Clearly SL shortens the treatment time, combining the advantage of aesthetic brackets with the advantage of low friction self-ligating brackets.
Our specialists will advise you in what are the best options for your individual case.

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