At the Dr. Campos Aesthetic Clinic, we offer 3 types of treatments, depending not only on the patient’s preference, but also on what is most appropriate for your specific need.


Invisible orthodontics. Orthodontics of the future that is transparent and removable.


Lingual Orthodontics

Brackets that are inside and no one will know you’re wearing braces.


Aesthetic Orthodontics

You can see them? Translucent aesthetic brackets that blend with the color of the tooth! It is the most aesthetic alternative to metal braces.


DR. Manuel Román title=DR. Manuel Román

DR. Manuel Román

Dr. Manuel Roman is an specialist on invisible orthodontics for adults. Clinical speaker and doctor with a Diamond category which is the maximum award given by Invisilign system.
He is the director of the Department of Orthodontics, guiding your treatment at the Dr. Campos Dental unit.

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