Problems and treatments

During the first session a periodontal study will be held thus checking the condition of teeth and periodontal involvement in order to plan the best treatment. Dr. will perform a radiographic series to see the bone behind the gum and a periodontograma with the help of a Florida probe.

Through the computer we will you the exact measurements and graphic to understand perfectly your case, and in what goes to consist of your treatment.

Inflamed gums

The inflamed gums are the enlarged gums, prominent or that abnormally protrude. The treatment to cure it is called scraped and smoothed root (RAR).

A cleaning of the gums is performed to remove the calculation and the scale that is located under the gum stuck to the root of the tooth. To do this, an electronic microscope with specific instruments, is used without any pain, in order to eliminate the infection, bleeding, and inflammation to achieve the best periodontal state.

Once eliminated these diseases, you have to make periodic maintenance to ensure the success of the treatment.

Gingival Plastic Surgery

Gingival recession is when the gum is retracted and the tooth is longer than normal.
This takes place due to periodontal disease, dental malposition or very rough brushing. This condition not only affects the aesthetics of the gums but can cause dental sensitivity to cold or heat and bring discomfort to the gums.
The solution to this problem is to perform plastic microsurgery and gingival graft.


Gingivectomy consists of a surgical intervention in which the gum is cut.
On certain occasions there is excess gum covering the tooth or part of the tooth making it look smaller. This surgery is not only done for aesthetic purposes but also for oral health.
For the smile to be harmonious the tooth must be proportioned to the gums. In these cases, the specialist removes the excess gum that is covering the tooth, giving it shape and proportion.
Clinical case to the right shows the results obtained through this process.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a process of reshaping and contouring the gum tissues and in most cases, the underlying bone.
It can be done around one or more teeth to expose the tooth correctly.
The technique is simple and painless, as we work with the latest technology in biolaser or electrocautery.

Spots on the gums

The dyeing or pigmentations affect the gingival aesthetically as if they appear in the front area of mouth and are visible when you smile. They are commonly known as moles that have no pathology.
Treatment to remove gum stains
This treatment is performed with biolaser to gently exfoliate the gum. This is an easy technique, and in most cases is done without anesthesia as it is painless.

Dental treatment

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