Dr. Néstor Pisano

Dr. Nestor Pisano is a certified surgeon that graduated from the Catholic University of Santa Maria of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He specializes in the field of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and tissue repair surgery.

He has more than 19 years of experience in the medical field and has a long career as a hair transplant surgeon with more than 5,000 successfully performed surgeries.

With accurate and effective techniques, Dr. Pisano ensures the positioning of each hair grafts to his patients and offers satisfying results with his hair treatments.

Dr. Pisano’s interest in hair surgery began fifteen years ago where he started his training and has studied internationally to improve his technique with some of the best experts in this field. Dr. Pisano regularly attends and participates in Conferences at the International Society of Hair Transplat Surgery and Restoration, ISHRS.

His knowledge and experience in this field is internationally recognized. As a surgeon that qualified in Spain for hair restoration medicine, he is also invited to Britain and other European countries to share his expertise.

On a personal level, Dr. Pisanos interests include art, sailing, traveling and men’s health.

Dr Néstor PisanoCirujano Capilar
Dr Néstor Pisano
Cirujano Capilar