Have you ever heard about Blepharoplasty treatment? – the elimination of excess upper and/or lower eyelid skin? If you notice your look to be sad with fallen eyelids, if you have trouble putting on eyeshadow or have difficulty seeing, it is possible that you might be a candidate for Blepharoplasty surgery.   This intervention, in most cases, is an ambulatory surgery with moderate recuperation of 7 days although it may vary depending on each patient, type of intervention and type of post op care. There are patients that within a few days return to normal activities while others may have some bruising and swelling a few more days then expected.  Generally, patients that undergo Blepharoplasty intervention do it for aesthetic reasons however, there are a group of patients of an advanced age that require this type of surgery for medical reasons due to the excessive upper lid skin that inhibits vision.

The medical group of Clinic Dr. Campos is highly qualified in performing Blepharoplasty surgery.  From the moment of the patient’s first consult a detailed case study is done and type of intervention necessary is evaluated. Throughout the entire process the patient is given continuous patient follow up and as many appointments  necessary for not only the preparation of intervention but for revisions and post op care as well.

If you are interested in knowing more about Blepharoplasty, click on video and learn about the details and testimonial of Eva.  Don’t miss out on the soon to be released second part of Eva’s 2 month post op by tuning into Bisbi’s and Eva’s Blepharoplasty program.


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