Dr. Campos Clinic has been offering medical and cosmetic surgery services for more than 35 years and 7 years with the widest range of dental treatments. In all this time our main objective has been to provide the best possible service to our patients – the best results, maximum guarantees, excellent care and all the facilities you may need. Having more than 17,000 clinical histories with thousands and thousands of treatments performed support us in our trajectory.

With all this experience we understand that everything starts with mutual understanding and trust. For us it is very important that our patients are able to explain all the details of what they are looking for and for them to perfectly understand all the explanations from our medical team. We must not forget that in health matters it is very important not to lose any detail.

That is why our extensive team of professionals are native to different countries and speak different languages: English, Arabic, French, Swedish, Russian and, of course, Spanish. Whatever the treatment, we are prepared to provide an exact translation and answer all the questions that our patients ask us, whether it is a medical-aesthetic treatment, plastic surgery, beauty care or provision of our dental clinic.

And do not forget all the facilities that we put at your disposal:

• Financing systems for all our treatments in comfortable terms up to 60 months

• Clinic Dr. Campos App with discount program and Loyalty Card with gift treatments

• More than 20 free benefits in our Dental Clinic

• Comprehensive treatment without change of location

• 24-hour telephone support every day of the year

• Dental emergencies

1st free consultation without obligation.

Request your appointment and find out everything we can do for you. Telephone 952 821 811 and WhatsApp 670 032 191