Christmas season is filled with gatherings, lunches, dinners, events…and we all want to look our best during these special moments.  However, with all the preparations, gift buying, meal planning, it doesn’t give us much time for those small retouches or special beauty care.  If this sounds familiar, Clinic Dr. Campos has the solution. Our last minute flash effect treatments can be done just a few days before that special event and obtain spectacular results.  Our discounted star treatment this Holiday Season is the Sweet treatment.

For a luminous and fresh look aspect we recommend the Sweet treatment which is specially developed for this season. In only one session you can obtain immediate long lasting effect.  This session consists of 3 phases that complement each other and in conjunction obtain an unbeatable result.

Phase 1: NON INVASIVE triacid peeling.  Without flaking. This peeling provides luminosity, vitality, and smoothness to the skin.  The triacids cause the cornea cap to isolate, facilitating the skin to penetrate the active principals that will be applied next.

Phase 2:  Since the skin is prepared to receive the nutrition producer to improve texture.  We apply a vitamin cocktail, collagen and hialuronic acid, performing a relaxing facial massage activating circulation to reach maximum penetration of the product.

Phase 3:  We then perform the Gold Pen microneedling treatment.  This treatment stimulates our own collagen thus obtaining a spectacular result to show off during that dinner or event that is so important to us.

We are offering all this for the spectacular price of only 95€ instead of our regular price of 160€.  Enjoy this Holiday offer until 07/01/19.

You can also benefit from some of our medical aesthetics treatments with immediate effect and without post treatment complications such as:

– Eliminate wrinkles with Botox.  Although definite results of this treatment may usually take between 7-10 days, most patients notice improvement in less than 72 hours.  The advantage of this treatment is that it is practically risk free from hematomas and inflammation allowing you to return to regular routine immediately.

Vitamin microneedling is one of our most demanded treatments to nourish and eliminate those slight imperfections.  It is recommended to do this treatment a few days prior on important events. The only post treatment care required is hydration and continuous use of sun protection for a few days.

  • Facial fillers.  This treatment is perhaps the one that our patients ask for the most to rejuvenate facial skin.  For fillers we recommend to plan a week ahead of time before any special event and if possible 10-14 days prior.  Now, the effect is immediate and permits us to make advanced corrections to obtain the maximum satisfaction of our patients.

And what can we say about your smile? Because a dazzling smile is better than any aesthetic retouching.  At Clinic Dr. Campos we offer the latest generation dental whitening treatment. The high quality products used guarantees results and the maximum security of treatment.  And best of all- it’s done in only one dental visit. The results of dental whitening is immediate, however, to maintain longer results, we recommend that you plan this treatment 2-3 days before any special event, being that the post care to this treatment is recommendable to avoid foods and beverages with intense colors.  Again, the best part of all of this is the spectacular price of our Dental Whitening treatment – this treatment done in clinic is 150€ ( before 200€) and if you do the complete treatment with the home maintenance program the price is 250€ instead of the regular price of 400€.

So here you have multiple last minute solutions to better your look this Holiday Season.

And if you still need a last minute gift to buy, here are a few suggestions.

Special Christmas gift: Darling treatment

Would you like to give something special to that person that takes care of themselves and that image is important.  Have you heard of her Darling treatment , a great gift for the person that takes care of their body.

This treatment combined with the use of various forefront technologies focuses on corporal treatment to reshape, drain and treat cellulite or localized fat.  The grand effectiveness of this therapy permits us to see the spectacular results just from the first session.

Between the technologies that are applied in this treatment we have 5 sessions of presotherapy  whose indicated use is for the eliminations of toxins, drainage and better circulation. There’s also 2 sessions of LPG endermology , the world wide known  therapy by excellence for the corporal reshaping and the elimination of cellulite. Lastly but not least, 3 sessions of shock waves , working on localized zones patients want to improve.  The shock waves have revolutionized corporal aesthetics within the last few years. The great results demonstrated in this treatment of localized fat, cellulite , and cutaneous fibrosis is visible from the first session and in combination with the rest of the treatments, the advances are spectacular.

Give wellbeing and beauty to that person you love the most and benefit from this important discount.  The complete treatment is now for only 250€ ( regular price 470€)

If you have decided on this gift, call us and we will prepare a special package with our gift cards and small gift from the clinic.

The only thing left to do is call us and ask for an appointment :  Tel 952 821 811 or Whatsapp 670 032 191


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