It is easy to obtain good oral-dental care for the whole family. Dental care is important from a young age not only for general health issues (we all know that the condition of our mouth can affect the condition of the entire body), but it can also be noticed in one´s financial pocket. It is easier and much more economical as well as less painful filling a cavity at the proper time that to let time pass and be forced to have costly dental implants and prosthesis.
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Continuing is a guide on how to obtain good oral-dental health for the entire family.

Following these instructions expressed in this guide, you and your family can obtain healthy teeth and gums throughout your life. As parents, you could and should explain to your children the importance of good oral care and at the same time show them how to do it correctly.

Four steps to follow to obtain a brilliant smile.

  1. Brush your teeth at least two times a day especially after having breakfast and at bedtime with toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  2. Use dental floss every day.
  3. Reduce the amount and frequency of daily snacks or get accustomed to brushing after each snack.
  4. Visit dentist regularly.

It is very easy to obtain healthy oral-dental care for your family. The challenge lies in having adequate information and being consistent. The dental professionals can gladly guide you on how to teach your children proper oral hygiene and could prepare a program consisting of revisions and maintenance of good healthy teeth.
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At Clinic Dr. Campos we treat adults as well as children. We have informational work days to teach the little ones the need to brush their teeth daily and how to brush properly. For those children who do well and have their teeth in good condition during their visit with the dentist receive a certificate from Perez the mouse.

We often find in adolescents the problem of poor eating habits and the secondary effects it has on their oral health. More and more younger women suffer from bulimia, destroying tooth enamel at a very early age, consequently destroying the color, causing sensitive teeth, and with time the appearance of cavities, gum disease, etc. For this reason, the staff of Dr. Campos’s clinic recommends that parents insist on an annual revision for their adolescent children so that possible problems may be detected and necessary measures are taken.

For adult patients, dental checkups are absolutely necessary at least once a year.  On some occasions we recommend that patients visit their dentist every 6 months.  It is also necessary to regularly have an oral cleaning and Orthopantomogram (panoramic radiograph).

The staff at Clinic Dr. Campos cares about our patients. For this reason, dental checkups, Orthopantomogram, and oral cleaning are of no charge to our patients. We don’t want our patients having an excuse for not taking care of their oral-dental health.

Contact the staff at Clinic Dr. Campos and ask for an appointment with one of our specialists..