Our life depends on Oxygen. If we were to run out of oxygen, we could only survive a few minutes. The Ozone (O3) is the triangular form of Oxygen (O2). Its use in medicine is not new, however more applications are being discovered. Ozone was initiated as one the principle therapies in biological medicine among other uses, being the most powerful disinfectant known without leaving residual toxins for it breaks down of Oxygen and Water or Carbon Dioxide in the air.

For its medical application (Ozone Therapy), the amount of oxygen is increased through the introduction of ozone into the body through specially designed generators.

The benefits of Ozone Therapy in the human body: ozonoterapia, tratamiento con ozono, tratamiento natural, medicina biológica, oxigenoterapia, tratamiento con oxigeno

  • OXYGENATING: Increases the amount of blood in order to absorb and transport maximum amount of oxygen throughout the body improving circulation and cellular functions in general.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: (Eliminator of free radicals)
  • IMMUNOMODULATORY THERAPY: O3, is capable of stimulating immune system.
  • REGENERATOR: Regeneration of different types of tissues for which gives great use to the Aesthetic Medicine.
  • ANTI-INFLAMATORY: Elimination of inflamatory facilitators.
  • GEMICIDE: Inactivates or eliminates all types of patholic microorganisms (bacterias, fungus, and virus).
  • REDUCTOR: Helps reduce the localized fat in abdomen, muscles, arms, etc.
  • ANTI-CELLULITE:  Helps activate circulation, improve nutritional diet at cellular level, reduce volume of localized fat and improve the appearance of orange peel skin.

In summary, Ozone Therapy leads general improvement of physiological processes in the body, improving quality of life and ability to work. Equally compensates and delays the deterioration that is produced in the body with ageing. Its effects are also long lasting with time.

Main Routes of administrating Ozone Therapy:
ozonoterapia, tratamiento con ozono, tratamiento natural, medicina biológica, oxigenoterapia, tratamiento con oxigeno

  • Auto Hemotherapy: With total asepsis blood is extracted with a closed steril system and with Medical Ozone, 100-200cc of the patient´s blood is retransfused immediately (10-15 minutes).
  • Intradermal Injection: Ozone is obtained with a syringe and injected intradermically.
  • Local or External: The zone is isolated with a plastic accessory or bag, air is extracted and is injected into atmospheric medical ozone.
  • Treatment Scheme: In general, sessions required will be from 5 to 15, a minimum of 2 sessions per week.

The Ozone Therapy does not present any unwanted side effects. It is not recommended in pregnant women or patients who have been treated recently with radiation or chemotherapy.

The Clinic Dr. Campos has been using Ozone Therapy for some time. The demand for this therapy has increased significally – more and more patients are looking for natural treatments that are effective and economical. Furthermore, this treatment is apt for men and women alike and it does not discriminate age. It’s all pros with Ozone Therapy.

If you need further information, do not wait any longer and ask for an appointment with Dr. Campos